Ultimate Guide To Accepting Stock Donations

Follow this ultimate guide to see how you can start accepting stock donations for your nonprofit in minutes.  You can accept stock donations using Stock Donator without opening a brokerage account.

1. Open a Free Account to Accept Stock Donations

The first step in accepting stock donations online is to open a free account to accept stock donations with Stock Donator.  It takes less than 3 minutes to fill out the forms to open the account. You will need your organization’s tax ID number, address for checks, and contact person.  You can also add a logo and mission statement to your profile. If you do, any time you accept a stock donation, the receipts we send to your donors will be cross-branded and include your mission statement. It will take a few hours for us to validate your non-profit status and then you can start accepting stock donations right away.  You only pay when you receive a donation using our system.

Open Free Account

2. Start Accept Stock Donations Straight From Your Website

The next step in accepting stock donations online is to log into your Stock Donator account and download the button and link from your personal dashboard. You can then embed an “Accept Stock Donation” button on your website like the example above. Once you have done that, it’s time to start soliciting stock donations from your donors by using our free tools for creating stock donation campaigns and informing the donors that by accepting stock donations, your non-profit is helping the donor save money!

3. Cash Checks from the Stock Donations You Accepted using Stock Donator

You can now sit back and accept stock donations through your website. You will be able to actively track and monitor any online stock donations on your Stock Donator dashboard. Once the stocks have been accepted, they will be liquidated and you will get either a check or wire deposit.    Open a free account today and start accepting stock donations tomorrow.

Accepting Stock Donations using Stock Donator is Secure, Fast, and Simple.  Open an account today and see why we are the number one process of stock donations online and why thousands of non profits trust Stock Donator to accept online stock donations.

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