Built in support for:

  1. Scottrade

  2. Wells Fargo Advisors (Wells Trade)

  3. Etrade

  4. TD Ameritrade

  5. Fidelity

  6. T. Rowe Price

  7. Schwab

  8. Vanguard

  9. Merrill Edge

  10. USAA

Additional support for:

If your brokerage firm is not listed above, you may still make a donation to a supported organization by selecting “*Other Brokerage” during the donation process.  You may need to follow the instructions required by your own brokerage firm as well if “*Other Brokerage” is selected.

You may contact us if you need any help with the process.

No support for

Due to policies of the following firms, we do not support transfers from:

  1. Computer Share
  2. Robinhood Financial