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Thanks! And thanks for providing this service to other non profits. Happy New Year!

Jim MichOBG Cocker Rescue

Thanks for what you do, it's a real blessing. I have wasted countless hours trying to set up investment accounts to receive donations and the big brokerage houses just aren't interested in maintaining that type of account.

Steven M. TreasurerVillage Development Corporation

When I was asked whether my organization accepts stock donations, I said "Of Course" not knowing the first thing about how to make it happen. In a few minutes I signed up for an account and directed my donor to your website. The next week, I was cashing a check you sent us. You made the process so simple and we thank you for that.

Jacob A.---

Quite possibly the easiest way for my small non-profit to compete for valuable stock donations. I can't do it without you guys. Thank you!!!

Trisha S.---

FYI - We received the check. Appreciate your efforts working through the issues with this transaction!


It's a turnkey way for you to receive cash from stock donations, and it's cheaper than PayPal, what more could any non-profit want!

John H.---

We were in a pinch. We had a donor that wanted to make a stock donation, but we had no way of accepting the stocks. Stock Donator stepped in to save the day. Within 24 hours we had an account set up, instructions to give the donor, and Stock Donator took care of all of the paperwork. It was so easy and we got the check we wanted at the end of the transaction. Couldn't have asked for a better solution. Thank you!!!!!!!

Brandy M.---

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help during the year end donation crunch. I would have missed out on a valuable stock donation and funding if it wasn't for your help. I really appreciated the follow up and follow through.

Daniel M.---