What Does Stock Donator Charge in Fees?

Please see the following page which explains the fees we charge: Transaction Fees

My brokerage Account is not listed / I would prefer not to provide my stock brokerage account information to you. Can I still use Stock Donator to make a donation?

Yes! We offer a non-automated way of making the donation as well. The donor would be required to process their transaction from their end, but we will handle the process from the organization’s end. All that is required is for the donor to fill out a quarter page “non-automated transfer request form” for each transaction.  Click here to access the form.

Is there a phone number which I can call to talk to someone?

No. It has been our policy not to communicate by phone as we are dealing with sensitive liability concerns with the transfer of stock. We have until now required all communications to be in writing. We would be happy to respond in writing to any questions you may have.

You may contact us by clicking here.

How long does it take for you to process a donation from the time you receive the stock?

It depends on a lot of factors.  The largest delay is usually getting the stock to hit our accounts.  But once they do, it typically takes us 2-3 business days to liquidate and then have the funds clear before we can transfer the money. After that, we can either wire the funds to the organization or mail it (depending on the organization’s preference).  Wires have extra charges.   Mail is free and is sent via USPS and can take up to 7 business days if  the mail is going cross country.  We are located in Los Angeles.

These times are estimates. Sometimes it takes more, sometimes less.  Holiday season slows things down.

A donor said they made a stock donation to our organization using stock donator, but we were not notified do you have the shares?

The good news is that we might have the shares and it won’t be hard to credit them to the right account.

But before we do so, we need written authorization form the donor.  We represent many organizations and we need to match the donation to the right organization when we receive the donation.  If a donor simply pushed the stock to our Stock Donator account without notifying us we will won’t have sufficient instructions to process the donation.

We are only able to route a donation to your organization two ways.  (1) If the donation was initiated online or if the donor provided us notification of the donation by using a non-automated form.

However, there is an easy fix in this case.  Please simply have the donor fill out the top part of the non-automated form and select OPTION 1.  It should take them no longer than 2 minutes.  Once complete, please email the form back to us and we will have everything we need to match the donation to  your organization, liquidate the funds, and complete the transfer.

In the future, please make sure any donor that wants to donate stock sends us one of these along with their donation.  If we don’t have the attached form sent to us, we will not be able to complete the process of the donation because we will not know which organization it is intended for.

If I am a nonprofit that chooses to liquidate shares immediately after receiving them, do I need to open a brokerage account if I use Stock Donator?

No. We do that for you!

How much does it cost to liquidate the shares per each transaction?

The average brokerage fee to liquidate shares is between $5 and $7 per transaction.

Does it cost money to get a check or to have proceeds from the donation wired to us?

For a paper check, there is no fee.  To have funds wired, we have a standard $35 fee that can be waived for donation of $30,000 or greater.

Can the donor make a donation by initiating the share transfer from their brokerage account or do they need to go through Stock Donator?

They can initiate a donation from their own firm. But they need to notify Stock Donator of the transaction using the non-automated form in order for the donation to be processed correctly.

Can we embed Stock Donator on our web page or do we need to route our donors to StockDonator.com?

Yes! After you open an account, you will get a custom link that you can use to direct traffic to your own branded Stock Donator portal.  The link is located on your account homepage.

Can we customize the letter of acknowledgement our donors receive?

Yes.  You can do that on the “My Account” homepage after opening an account.  You can upload a logo, mission statement, and message that you would like to include on the acknowledgement letter.  The letters are emailed to the donors after the stock donation transaction is competed.

Are any brokerage firms unsupported?

We support any brokerage firm that can do a partial stock DTC transfer. Most mainstream brokerage firms do provide that option.  Some brokerage firms do not offer such support, notably ComputerShare and Robinhood Financial are not supported for this reason.

Does our donor need to have a Stock Donator account to donate to us?

No. The donor can donate the stock using a non-automated form or online with or without opening a Stock Donator account.