Can You Accept Stock Donations Without a Brokerage Account?

Nonprofits are finding creative ways to grow. And one of them is by accepting stock donations. This transfer is possible, but only using a credited stock donation processor that can facilitate a brokerage account. has 10 years of experience helping nonprofits accept stock donations. With our platform, accepting stock donations could become as simple as accepting cash donations.

Let’s compare your options.

Accept stock donations in 2 steps using Stock Donator.

Step 1: Open a free account using Stock Donator
Step 2: Place a Stock Donator button on your website to accept stock donations straight from your website!
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Accept stocks without using Stock Donator in 6 steps.

Step 1: Research brokerage firms and open a brokerage account to accept stock donations. This  involves visits to the branch to sign papers, and minutes of the organization authorizing an new account. Account fees might apply to inactive accounts and some brokerage firms require a minimum deposit.
Step 2: Send your brokerage account information to the donor, make sure to include the DTC and account numbers.
Step 3: Donor must find and complete the correct stock transfer form.
Step 4: The non-profit organization should continuously check their brokerage account until the stock donation appears.
Step 5: The non-profit must prepare the proper stock donation receipt and compute the correct stock donation value based on IRS Rules.
Step 6: The non-profit will then sell the stock, account for it, and transfer the cash from the brokerage firm to their bank account.
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Why You Should Use Stock Donator to Accept Stock Donations

We have been processing and accepting stock donations for thousands of non-profits for over 10 years. No other processor of stock donations comes even close to our experience or trust.
#1 Online Processor of Stock Donations
9 Years of Trust Processing Donations
1,800 Non-Profits Trust Stock Donator
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We provide stock donation solutions.

Hassle Free Process, Trusted and Credible.

Low Fees

No fees to open or maintain an account. Low per transaction fee of 1.9% per transaction with a $15 minimum. No fees to your donors!

Repeat Donations

Provide your donors the ability to make repeat stock donations using information saved to their account.

We Handle Paperwork

We provide donor with all receipts. You get a receipt itemizing the fees and net value of the donation.

Record Keeping

Track stock donations received from start to finish in your private dashboard and maintain records of all stock donations you received.

Website Widget

A personalized button to place on your website that takes donors to a white labeled stock donation form with your organization's name on it.

Stay Informed

Get email notifications as soon as a stock donation is pledged, and at every stage along the way. You always stay in the know.

“I, a retired teacher, was trying to make a stock donation to a smallish local environmental group that does not have a brokerage house, so they had chosen Stock Donator to handle donations for them. I think after this experience they probably will stick with Stock Donator and not get involved with a brokerage house.
I ran into difficulty because of a huge mistake I made AND because of an issue with the brokerage house. The response from a member of the Stock Donator team was above and beyond. He was with me every step of the way and I was tempted to bake cookies and send them to him but he's in LA and I'm in Boston and the shipping charges would be outrageous.”

Bambi GRetired Teacher
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