How Does Stock Donator Compare to


Stock Donator is the original stock donation platform that has been around since 2011.  In the last year, copied Stock Donator’s platform and is charging more than Stock Donator. Stock Donator provides up front pricing and has a track record of excellent service. is a start up trying to copy Stock Donator’s business.  The below chart compares Stock Donator to so you can see the difference. Don’t get tricked into using the more expensive copycat.  Stick with the #1 processor of Stock Donations – Stock Donator, Inc.  The original.

Stock Donator v. Donate Stock

Cost to Open an Account:

Stock Donator - Free

DonateStock - Free

Cost to Non Profit Per Transaction Liquidated:

Stock Donator - 1.9%

DonateStock - 3%

Years in Business:

Stock Donator - Since 2011

DonateStock - Since 2020

Number of Non Profits Using This Platform?

Stock Donator - Over 2500

DonateStock - ?

Number of 5-Star Reviews?

Stock Donator - Over 130

DonateStock - 19

Who are you donating the stock to?

Stock Donator

Your Own Nonprofit

Donate Stock

Their own NPO!

Credit Card or Bank Account Required to sign up?

Stock Donator - No.

DonateStock - Yes.

Notifications / Receipts / Custom Branded Page / Marketing Tools / And Dashboard?

Stock Donator - Yes.

DonateStock - Yes

Our Beliefs

Stock Donator was born when we realized there was no simple way for non-profit organizations to accept stock donations online. The amount of paperwork, follow-up, and limited transparency made the existing stock donation experience frustrating for donors and organizations who are wishing to accept stock donations.

We believe charitable donations are an intricate part of our social fabric.  We also believe that Stock Donations have key tax benefits that, when used properly can significantly increase fundraising for non profits. In building a solution that brings donors and organizations together, we hope to enable non-profits who would otherwise find it too unwieldy to accept stock donations online and get the funding the need.  Increased fundraising by accepting stock donations will increase awareness in the broader community as a whole as to the value of stock and as to the value of donations.

We hope you’ll find value in using Stock Donator to accept stock donations online. Opening an account to accept stock donations take a few minutes and you can start accepting stock donations the same day. We look forward to having you as part of our community of Non-Profit organizations.