During the holiday season, many organizations, especially 501(c)3’s are looking for ways to increase revenue.  One of the easiest ways to increase revenues is to allow your donor multiple ways of donating money.

One of the most popular non-cash donations is a donation of Stock.  Traditionally 501(c)3 can accept stock donations only by opening a brokerage account with one of the big brokerage firms.  They usually face the problem of running out of time before year end to do so, or, if they had the foresight to open an account in time, they run into logistical problems with the brokerage firm they have chosen or with their donor’s brokerage firm.

Instead of opening a brokerage account, non-profits have the option of opening an account with Stock Donator.  The process can be done online and takes only 1 day to verify.  Once the Stock Donator account is open, the Donor will be able to donate stock to the 501(c)3 quickly and easily through the organization’s cross branded website.

Now, when a donor calls and asks if you have the capability to accept stock donations, you can happily say “YES!”  Thanks to Stock Donator you no longer need to open a brokerage account.  Simply point your donor to www.stockdonator.com and they will be able to donate stock to your non-profit quickly, securely and easily.