How to Donate Stocks Online

By October 28, 2020June 30th, 2021Donors

Charitable giving has never been easier, especially since you can quickly donate stocks online to any nonprofit organization that accepts stock donations using Stock Donator. In a world that has changed dramatically in just a few months, many of us feel the need to act and give back. What else can be donated other than money and time? How can I make an impact on the world without crushing my finances? If you’ve been wondering these things, we may have the answer for you. With appreciated stocks in your portfolio, this article will explain how you can donate those stocks to any charity that accepts stock donations using Stock Donator.

Leverage Your Portfolio to Save Taxes by Donating Stocks

Donating securities to your favorite charities is easy, provided that the organizations you want to donate to accept stock donations using Stock Donator. If you have appreciated stocks over a year old, you can donate them online to a nonprofit organization that is a member of Stock Donator. It’s essential to keep a clean and healthy stock portfolio, making sure long-term stocks don’t have too high capital gains. As much as we all like to earn a profit from stock investments, those significant gains can cause tax pains. Big capital gains equal higher taxes on those gains. Donating stock to a non profit that accepts stock donations will help you avoid capital gains.

If you donate stocks online to a nonprofit organization that accepts stock donations using Stock Donator, then you will receive a tax deduction in the full amount of the fair market value. You will not owe any taxes on the capital gains. Donating your long-term appreciated stocks tunes up your portfolio for optimal return by re-balancing gains. Enhancing your portfolio in this way will allow you to diversify your portfolio with new investments.

Why Charitable Giving is Important

Everyone wants to give back to their communities and support the charitable organizations that align with their values. While it’s easy to identify which issues matter most, handing over your hard-earned cash is never a painless choice. That’s why we offer another option. Stock donations are an excellent way to give more to the causes you care about while capitalizing on some fringe benefits as well, including:

  • The mood boost you get from making a big difference in people’s lives
  • The extra strength you give to your values
  • The education and inspiration your contribution provides to the younger generation
  • The domino effect – when you give stock donations, others are excited to give as well.

Whatever your reason for charitable giving, your donations are immensely appreciated. We are here to connect you with those charities and give more than money or time. We will help you provide economic strength to a nonprofit organization that needs your help by allowing you to make stock donations quickly, safely and easily to any nonprofit that accepts stock donations using Stock Donator.

A Secure Way to Accept Stock Donations Online

Our process is so simple that you’ll think it’s too good to be true. You don’t have to worry about extensive, tedious paperwork, and we support all brokerage firms that can do a partial stock DTC transfer. Most brokerages offer this service, but some like Computer Share and Robinhood Financial do not. Even if they do not provide the service, you can still give back by donating stock to any nonprofit that accepts stock donations using Stock Donator.

Our donate stocks online form is short, secure, and straightforward. When you donate, you’ll be set up with a free account, which comes with its own set of benefits (see below). To offer a stock gift to your charity of choice, you must provide the stock symbol, number of shares, and the nonprofit organization.  Following this process, you will be asked to fill out your personal information to connect your donation to the appropriate organization.

Would you like to donate anonymously? Select the option that says “make this donation anonymous” at the end of the form. The organization will not know where the contribution came, and it just takes a quick note on the non-automated form.

The Benefits of Accepting Stock Donations Online

If the non profit you are looking to give to does not accepts stock donations using Stock Donator, call them, email them, or send them a link to our website Other than the tax benefit described earlier, there are many other benefits to offering a stock donation to your favorite charity. First, you aren’t limited to donating to one charity. You can donate to as many as you’d like and if you do so through Stock Donator, we can prepare the forms for you with a push of a button. Second, you don’t have to worry about filling out paperwork with stock transfers that are made through Stock Donator. We keep track of all stock donations and can accommodate multiple charitable contributions without repeatedly filling out the same forms.  Thirdly, the non profit you want to donate to does not need to have a brokerage account set up to accept stock donations. All they need to do is simply open a free account with Stock Donator to start accepting stock donations immediately.

Donors can send a stock gift to your chosen organization by filling out a short, quarter-page form for each transaction. It takes about two minutes to complete. It’s a fast, effective, and convenient way to donate stocks online. Our priority is to keep donors informed by offering status e-mail updates, receipts with the value listed, and access to powerful tools that allow you to make multiple contributions. Best of all, it’s free to use.

The Traditional Way to Accept Stock Donations for Nonprofits

A DTC (depository transfer check) transfer is the classical way of accepting stocks and mutual funds. To use this method, you would have had to send a letter of authorization to your broker authorizing the transfer, plus your non profit would have to have had an account open (which can take months). Now, you can notify us by filling out our non-automated stock donation initiation request form and sending it back via e-mail or fax. This option is for those donors who would prefer not to use the online donation process but would like to go through their brokerage instead. If you use the paper form, please be sure to fax or e-mail a copy to Stock Donator so we know how and where to process your stock donation. Using this method, an organization does not need to have a brokerage account to accept stock donations, they can simply open a Stock Donator account to accept stock donations.

Stock Donator represent many organizations, and we need to match the donation to the right organization when we accept the stock donation gift. If we do not have the form, we will not be able to complete the process of the donation because we will not know which organization should receive the shares we accepted.  We can only send the proceeds to the correct organization if we have the attached form completed when the shares are transferred to our account.

Use the Organization’s Weblink to Accept Stock Donations

Your charity of choice may already have signed up for an account to accept stock donations with us. Check their website for the stock donation button or link. You may want to reach out and let them know you are looking to donate stocks online via Stock Donator, especially if it’s your first time going through the process.

Be sure to fill out the organization’s information accurately and notify us of your donation. We work with hundreds of organizations that accept stock gifts, so we want to make sure that after we accept the stock donation, we route it to the right organization.  Don’t worry! As you can see from our many online reviews, it’s not a complicated process, and we offer step-by-step assistance along the way.

Now you can get a glimpse of the donor dashboard and get a feel for the information available to you as a donor. When you’re ready, you can get started by creating a free account.


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