It’s the season to stock up on all of your favorite summer favorites, from the beach toys, inflatables and grill accessories organizations are making their list and checking it twice too…

Organizations since the pandemic have had to become more and more resourceful in how to obtain and spend funding. Non-profits in particular have had to forge ahead sometimes in uncertain territory as to how to retain donors, and seek new ways of funding projects. The old saying money doesn’t grow on trees could have been the truth for many until StockDonator made themselves known. They found, according to their website, that organizations raise 55% more when leveraging and asking for stock donations.

Stock donations by definition could significantly not just help the non-profit but the donor as well according to, they stated, “compared with donating cash, or selling your appreciated securities, and contributing the after-tax proceeds, you may be able to automatically increase your gift and your tax deduction” (2022). Who doesn’t want an increased tax deduction? StockDonator provides an organization with free tools on their website to begin accepting stock donations on their website right away. They handle the paperwork. Their goal since 2011 has been to make it possible for more and more non-profits to be education about stock donations, and to begin receiving them. Other featured topics they have information on consists of, how to fundraise, how to ask for donations without a brokerage account and so much more.

Whether money grows on a tree or not, StockDonator wants to help your organization grow by leaps and bounds. Just ask them, and ask for your organization.

We have been processing and accepting stock donations for thousands of non-profits for over 11 years. No other processor of stock donations comes even close to our experience or trust.

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No fees to open or maintain an account. Low per transaction fee of 1.9% per transaction with a $15 minimum. No fees to your donors!

Repeat Donations

Provide your donors the ability to make repeat stock donations using information saved to their account.

We Handle Paperwork

We provide donor with all receipts. You get a receipt itemizing the fees and net value of the donation.

Record Keeping

Track stock donations received from start to finish in your private dashboard and maintain records of all stock donations you received.

Website Widget

A personalized button to place on your website that takes donors to a white labeled stock donation form with your organization's name on it.

Stay Informed

Get email notifications as soon as a stock donation is pledged, and at every stage along the way. You always stay in the know.

“I, a retired teacher, was trying to make a stock donation to a smallish local environmental group that does not have a brokerage house, so they had chosen Stock Donator to handle donations for them. I think after this experience they probably will stick with Stock Donator and not get involved with a brokerage house.
I ran into difficulty because of a huge mistake I made AND because of an issue with the brokerage house. The response from a member of the Stock Donator team was above and beyond. He was with me every step of the way and I was tempted to bake cookies and send them to him but he's in LA and I'm in Boston and the shipping charges would be outrageous.”

Bambi GRetired Teacher
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