Investors Move to Tax Safehavens

By November 20, 2017June 30th, 2021Donors

A recent article by the New York Times linked to below says that many investors are looking for ways to reduce their tax profiles by moving income to current years and selling stocks that have locked in capital gains.  Instead of selling those stocks, and investor looking to limit his tax profile might wan to consider donating the same stock to a non profit organization.  As a matter of fact, if tax rates for capital gains do go up, then stock donations become even better tax savings vehicles.  Instead of selling the stocks and paying capital gains, one can donate the stock and avoid capital gains tax altogether!  Of course, you would have had to hold the stock for over a year and other tax restrictions might apply (ask your CPA).

Overall, investing in stocks is a nice way to increase your wealth.  Donating those stocks is a nice way to avoid paying heavy capital gains taxes come year end.