Accepting stock donations

how to accept stock donations nonprofit

How Does a Nonprofit Accept Stock Donations – FAQ

Many charitable organizations often ask us how to accept stock donations for nonprofits. If you are one of them interested in accepting stock donations for small nonprofits, this post will be your guide. Without further ado, let us dive right into it. Everything a nonprofit needs to know on How to Accept Stock Donations. Nonprofits...
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Stock Donations Reached $23.7 Billion!

By Organizations

Of all non-cash contributions made, Stock Donations represented the largest category of noncash donations at $23.7 billion or 44.9 % of all non-cash contributions. Over 450,824 stock donations were made to non-profits in one year!  With such a large number of stock donations and such a large amount, each Non-profit should do more to accept stock…

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