Red Cross Initiates Stock Donation Program for Japan Earthquake Victims

By March 25, 2011June 30th, 2021Donors

Company Expands Siebert Charitable Stock Donation Program to Include New International Relief Efforts as Investors Show Interest in Donating Stock to Help in Japan Tragedy

On Tuesday, March 22, 2011 — The American Red Cross and Siebert Financial Corp. (NASDAQ: SIEB)  announced an expansion to a program aimed at encouraging stock donations to aid the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster.  The plan eliminated for a short period of time any commission charges on sales of stock donated to the Red Cross, for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

As an example of Siebert’s program, if a contribution to the Red Cross involves 200 shares of stock trading at $20 per share, the value of the contribution could be increased by more than $120 by eliminating commissions that would typically be charged by a full-commission broker.  To date, Siebert has sold more than $16,500,000 in stock donated to the Red Cross.

Stock  Donator commends both the Red Cross and Siebert for their efforts and for identifying the tax benefits to donors of donating stock over donating cash.  Stock Donator reminds you that we make donating stock to non profits an easy, secure, and simple online process.  Open an account today!