Opening an account is free and you can start accepting stock donations within a day.

We take care of all the paperwork. From receipts to year end statements, it’s all taken care of for you.
We provide you with the HTML code that you can plug into your website so that donors can donate directly from your website.
We take steps to make sure your information is secure.

“We manage the end-to-end process of receiving stock donations, freeing your employees and volunteers to run your non-profit organization.”

What is Stock Donator?

Stock Donator provides Non-Profit Organizations a web-enabled channel to receive stock donations. Donors can initiate a donation either from or from a link on your website. We’ll pick up the donation and let you know when the donation has been received and disbursed per your instructions. Learn more detail by clicking on our How It Works page.

Why does my organization need to accept stock donations?

Stock donations are a large source of revenue for non-profit organizations, In 2009, charitable organizations raised approximately $300 billion dollars in cash and non-cash donations combined.Cash donations account for approximately $250 billion dollars; non-cash donations accounted for the remaining $50 billion.Corporate stock represents the largest category of non-cash donations reaching approximately $24 billion in 2007.By not accepting stock donations, your organization could be missing out on a huge category of donations.

What benefits are there to donors in donating stock?

Corporate stock donations have significant tax benefits to the donor.A donor may deduct the market value of the charitable donation from his taxes, and the donor need not pay any capital gains taxes on any appreciation of such donated corporate stock. For more information and benefits to donors see the “For Donors” Page.

Who takes care of documentation?

We’ll maintain your donation history with your account. Login anytime to view all received or pending donations. You’ll receive a year end summary from us. We will also send receipts to your donors. Click here to see an example of a receipt your organization would receive, and click here to see a sample of a receipt a donor would receive after making a transaction. To see what an organization’s account statements would look like, click here.

How do I open an account?

Have your Org Tax ID number ready and then click on the “Create Account” tab under “For Organizations”.

How does my organization get paid?

Depending on your preferences, Stock Donator can wire the proceeds of a stock donation to your bank account or send you a paper check. A Stock Donator also provides you the option of transfer stock to a personal brokerage account (additional fees may apply – see terms of use.)

Cant I just open my own brokerage account?

Stock Donator has accounts with most of the largest brokerage firms in order to make the process simple for your donors.The process of opening an account with Stock Donator takes a day, in contrast opening an account with just one brokerage firm can take weeks and then your organization has to spend time worrying about how to manage that account and process any donations that come in – including figuring out what amounts to put on receipts, matching donors to donations, executing a sale of the stock, etc. A Stock Donator takes care of all the work for you for a small processing fee of the greater of $10 or 1.9% of liquidated value of the transaction (after any brokerage fees – see the legal page for more information.)

How does Stock Donator link to my website?

After you sign up for an account, we provide you a custom html ‘donate stock’ link for you to copy and paste on your website. ( See a live example of a cross branded website here). Visitors simply click on the link and off they go! Donors may also donate to you by choosing your organization as the receiving organization from our homepage dropdown menu –